Vanguard is the special operation embodiment of Neresz-Teran military located within The Dome. Its main purpose is to find out, discover and train Rakane Sentinels. It has 2 sub-classifications: The Inner Vanguard and the Operation Assembly.

The Vanguard is originally controlled by Shadow Watchers, a sinister group of politicians aiming to manipulate and control Verdalens for their will.

The Shadow Watchers are:

  • Lisanna Santis
  • Rasson Sainz
  • Aelen Vicarius
  • Baugard Gilaudin
  • Stinnus Lorenz
  • Tuomas Rothberger
  • Cardin Louvet

The Shadow Watchers are the new version of The Seven, original politicians who seeked for a unity of entire Verdalens.

  • Lisanna Santis
  • Klaudus Metzer
  • Jonais Deraux
  • Andreas Wailinn
  • Markus Akon
  • Titus Leander
  • Loreanna Austen

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