Second Rebellium occurs when The Apostles finally face Ela. As Xelath Thalodan realizes this is a world his mother is "dreaming", he confronts his own comrades and almost kills them to prevent the Second Rebellium happening; only to be interfered with Ellore Garudian who dons a weird warden-like suit, which in fact is Eljandra herself. Eljandra eventually pierces Andrenach, and kills Ela. Causing a blackout, ending the Second Sun epoch.

After the Second Rebellium, all of the apostles are granted a wish by The Watchers. Ferronas returns to Irıstalen, Aryssa and Archaron are united and back in Ardera to discover it, Noris wishes to see what is yet to come, while Xelath wishes to reunite with Ellore and become a couple in Rhea.

Xelath's wish eventually creates the Third Sun epoch.

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